Karim Tahseen Khayat and Tourism Sector

Tourism investment in Iraq

Karim Tahseen Khayat enters the world of tourism and has many ideas for developing this sector.

With the passage of time, hotels gradually began to develop. And make qualitative leaps in the last three centuries, due to the increasing demand on ​​travel and tourism.

Now a days, traveling had became much easier, and people are becoming more interested in tourism, which brings up the importance of improving this sector and providing quality services to its residents.

The tourism sector depends mainly on hotels. Investing in it is one of the priorities of the Karim Tahseen Khayat and his group, to contribute to its development and give it the opportunity to attract visitors.

From Lebanon, to the Middle East and Iraq, giving this sector the value it deserves and highlight its cultural richness to the world.

But the contribution to this sector will remain dependent on the efforts between governments and investors. Granting the necessary stability to the work of the investor is the antidote that nourishes the sector and secures its proper operation.

Not long ago, Iraq experienced economic failures that made investors hesitant and not welling to invest in this sector.

Karim Khayat vision to the Tourism sector in iraqKarim Tahseen Khayat vision for this sector!

Karim Tahseen Khayat has achieved a series of continuous successes through his companies.

Also, Tahseen Khayat Group is considered one of the leading companies in the field of tourism.

And because Karim Tahsin Khayat ambition has no limits, he expanded his activities to include tourism, as it is a very important and promising sector, and he started investing in it years ago.

Karim Tahseen Khayat also notes that the investment in this sector in Iraq came as a result of his belief that revitalizing and developing tourism does not fall on the government alone. but goes beyond it to the private sector.

Especially after recent studies showed the need for Iraq to improve and develop this sector.

In addition, he sees investing in tourism as a wonderful experience rich in global knowledge. And that the more we dig into this experience, the desire to expand further increases. Creating more hotels and contributing to the advancement of this type of investment will make any country reach higher levels.

Investing in Tourism

The future investment in hotels and residential units is profitable and on the verge of recovery. Due to the huge approach from abroad and internally. 

Especially that the presence of archaeological, historical, and cultural places is one of the most important means of attracting visitors. This has a significant impact in raising the occupancy rate of hotels and residential units on public holidays and vacations.

Karim Tahseen Khayat also praised the support made by the Iraqi government in cooperating to make tourism better.

The hotel investment sector is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. As it offers strong occupancy rates and returns, it is both future and long term investment.

Tourism investment in Iraq is not only a personal investment, but will also contribute in developing and providing many job opportunities.

This will also enhance the economy and bring back the light on many touristic areas that have been forgotten due to the destruction of infrastructure and the reluctance of businessmen to invest. Due to the troubling situation in the country. 

Not to mention the lack of foreign currencies, and the movement of parallel sectors.

The most developed countries are aware of the importance of the tourism sector. and its impact on the country’s economy.

And to make the economy better, an explicit cooperation between the investor and the administration responsible for the country must happen. To achieve developments to the sector.

The Tourism sector is one of the most important productive sectors after the petroleum, agricultural and industrial sectors.

This sector is also linked to other productive sectors and plays a major role in economy returns to Iraq.